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STORY One evening my mom and stepdad were coming over for dinner. I heard the Lord tell me that when my mom comes to the door and rings the doorbell that I was to answer it and then quickly grab her and hug her and as you invite her in. “Ok Lord”, I then waited for them to arrive and ring the doorbell. I told my kids that I was going to answer the door and let grandma and grandpa in and to stay seated until they came in. I was ready to grab her even if she resisted. I was committed and I was going to give her a hug.

Dah dee dah dah, dah dee dah dah, time hounded me. Finally, the doorbell rang, and I walked over to the door, heart pounding, removing the scared face and replacing it with a happy one. I opened the door, there she stood with a big smile on her face, so I jumped in front of her, quickly wrapped my arms around her and exclaimed, “I’m so glad you’re here!” Well, it took her by surprise, and she looked at me (I was still hugging her) and said, “Come on, dinner’s going to get cold.” I let go and told her, “It’s on the table ready to eat, come on in!” I then turned to my stepdad, gave him a hug and welcomed him in.

This started a slew of strategies as to where and when was the Lord going to prompt me, “Now! Hug your mom.” At first, I was intimated but did it anyway. After a while it became a fun game of when I was to hug her and where. I started to get a kick out of how she responded and wandered how she would respond to the next hug. Months went by of my spontaneously hugging my mom just because I could. I discerned that I was getting my mom used to being hugged to the point that soon she would hug me first.

I would hug her at the most inopportune times. One evening after dinner at her house she was washing dishes at the sink while I sat at the counter talking with her. I heard the Lord say, “Hug her now!” “Now?” I said, when her back is to me washing dishes?” “Yes, now. She can’t push you away with you hugging her from behind.” “Now!” He said again. So, I got up from the counter, walked over to her from behind and quickly wrapped my arms around her, under her arms because they were in the sink and her hands were soapy washing dishes. With my arms around her I put my head on her back and quickly said, “I’m so glad you’re my mom, I love you!” She jumped and hit me on the head with her soapy hand and said in a sweet tone, “Hey! You’re going to make me get water on the floor. Now go watch tv and let me finish, I’m almost done.” Aw, what a sweet mom I thought. She liked it but didn’t have the words to say it. So, from that moment on I would hug my mom every opportunity I could. Even when I didn’t hear the Lord prompting me, hugs began to be very natural and acceptable for my mom. Even to be expected I thought.

One day when the family was invited to moms for dinner, I got to my mom’s door before anyone else. When the door opened it was my mom and with open arms, she came towards me and gave me a hug and said, “I made your favorite dessert!” She hugged me like I had been gone on a trip or something. The biggest, best hug I’ve ever had or will have. Not to negate my kids hugs, no way. There was just something great about that hug from my mom.

I would like to encourage you dear reader to decide to help your family and maybe your friends learn how vital hugging is and maybe teach them that it’s wonderful, comforting and should be a frequent daily activity to thrive in life. Teach them how and why by example.

God bless and spread the hugs around, of course in a healthy way…


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